by Port Manteau

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released June 19, 2012

Port Manteau is:

Brandon Blair - Bass, Violin, Trumpet, and Backing Vocals
Deryck Grekul - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Glockenspiel
Greg Davidson - Percussion
Tim Vukson - Guitar

All songs written by Port Manteau

Produced by Deryck Grekul

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Violin, and Trumpet recorded at Longwell Green Studios.

Percussion recorded at House of Fish Production.

Mastered by Mike Poisson

Additional Musicians:
Spencer Werden - Backing vocals on "All Too Familiar"
Alex Rankin - Extra Percussion
Mike Poisson - Extra Percussion
Janet Lau - Vocals on "Where We Used To Be and You're The Shepherd"
Gabriel Titus - Djembe



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Port Manteau Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Keep Quiet
Take a walk
See the crowd all in the room
Where I only notice you
I could make it after all
And that's all I'm thinking about

Oh, I'll be around, I'll be around
I'm not going anywhere, anywhere now

Whats this, you called
It doesn't mean anything at all

Some say that it won't be that bad
I can't tell her the truth
It's too late now

And it's gone
I can not believe my luck
I was on the brink but stayed
I don't know if you would know
That I only want to talk to you

I could say a million things
But right now you're just a friend
I understand the whole silence
So I can just stop talking now
Track Name: Where We Used To Be
Take a personal day
And you should know that I was only kidding
When I said that I'd go anywhere
The kids we used to be, and I can say that they're still here now

I know you all, tell me what I can't say
I know the truth that you would only let me
I found my youth
I found my youth

Take a personal day
And you should go just where I wouldn't
The sun comes up across the hill
But you won't climb up at all

I saw my favourite band.
Track Name: Go With the Wrench
There's a room there that I had to leave
You tore it all apart for me
But you always seemed to welcome me back
If only, if only just for a laugh

Some say things that they would never do
But those things, they come back to taunt you
After everything that I've ever done
This is where I am
I've got nothing to prove anymore
So lock me in when you shut the door

I called you up and I'll call again
And I called you out

I held you up and you stole again
And I can't get right
When this is all that I can say I start to doubt
That I held you up and you stole again
And I can't get right
Track Name: You're the Shepherd
We're the first ones on the road
You're just this cloudy humid day
To safe to give away
I'm to close to forget your pain
I strive to just get by
And now I'm failing at that
And I can't even try to make it work so know that

I thought that you could never
I thought that you could never stay

Lets go up the creek
Just a bit more til we get told to leave
til we don't know where we are
Cause that's the only way that we can have some fun
To get lost, when we need to run

I was alone, but now I never know
That it's all I could say
That it's all I could do
When it's all what we want and it's all what we say
I could never be back home
Track Name: All Too Familiar
Old videos was the only evidence I found of seeing your life figured out
What gets you through cause I used to be more than this
And I'll like this moment only when I look back
I'll feel fond of the time I ached and hoped for more
To say that I felt like there was way more back then
Only to realize that it doesn't end any differently now

All that you promise

I can't soon forget
(But I want to)

And I always wanted to get to the bottom of things
And I didn't quite get the games we all used to play
Where you don't say what you mean but you guess until you trip on a wire and it all comes crashing down
You'll finish with a hate that you can still change
It must be exhausting to deal with that
But I don't believe you have to end with it, not now, not ever
Track Name: Departures
When we turn back we turn to dirt
You start from here and I'll go slow
I'll give you a head start though it ended long ago
All of those people that I missed I thought there'd be a thousand more
But no one really seemed to click
When I was young it happened more
I tried to give it all I had
I swear it broke just when I knew
That I could only stand so tall when I make it up to you

And I just couldn't fix it
And I'm just so broke
It's not a plan to just go with it when you martyr yourself
And all those things I said go down just like a grave
Pack it all up, never open again

I remember sitting, thinking this is the last time I'll be here
I never missed it before, so why do I care?
I was always tired, wired, I could sleep all day
And I told them that I work for the street cars
And never made you pay
Here's the stop that we get off at
Same as every other day

Water it now with the salt found on your face
Don't look at me now for a comfortable space
Cause I will give in
I will give in

Down that stone road I found my sense
Where at the end I took a bow
I was alone but I still heard that a tree fell
We both knew this ticking clock was always gonna end
I hope you don't curse now that I can't see you again

And back to dirt we go
Not the tree we were before
It's hard to breathe you know
With the lack of oxygen we used to grow
Track Name: Farewell
Are you sleeping yet?
Are your eyes as strained as mine?
To the point where you can't look anywhere but inside
I followed the signs then I lost it
I called your name to hear something perfect
Then I never tried again

When you go I wouldn't know just what to say
I wouldn't know just what to do
Line up to tell everyone the truth
That this is something that I never knew

When you go I wouldn't know just what to say
I wouldn't know just what to say

Take caution, take caution
And throw it to the wind

What's the last thing you said?
What's the worst thing you said?
What's the last thing you said?
Track Name: Abraham
I saw the red flags start to show
So I got the hell out of that hole
It's a risk that I got to know making the mistake I call my own
Cause if I ever live with hate, it's so tiring to live that way
About everyone that I know

So be still here, find a picture that shows that you used to care
I remember why, but now it's never there
Check the door to make sure that it still works
I'm not looking
Call up an old friend to see if they're alive
Get bored and wish you hadn't tried

You never said what I still know
I'll make a model of what I saw that day
I'm not wrong today
Track Name: Sailboat
I was honest to a fault
When I sold you myself
The subtle things that tear your sails
We need a little more than wind
Just to forget that we were there
Hope that you don't think that I
Was only but a fool for what I could never change

And I have come to see

What I said could not last the year
I was right to be left here

Oh I tried to look past this 50's room
Where I sit all day
Just trying to make something move

Oh God I couldn't change
(What's it say? What does it say)

Take me down the street
All the faces I'd like to meet
And green grass beneath my feet
And I won't feel of defeat
Times of love will fall on my grave
Sitting down hazy on an autumn day
Track Name: It's Been A Long Time
When they're here and I saw
Just what I wanted to be there
And oh I couldn't wait
And oh I could go
But I hope that you found truth in yourself

And it's been a long, long time
Since I've seen you here

Last call for the night that never was a thing
To try and climb the mountains that you put here

It's been a long time since I've seen you here
It reminds me of the last time when all I felt was pains
But it's not so bad this time
Because I'm on the outside looking in
Just looking in
Track Name: Don't Leave Now
We've gotta take a break
Just look what I've got lying around
I've gotta find a new way to see
To talk to someone else other than myself

I saw it all, I found it out

When I say that I can't lie
I've never been worse off

And this is not everything
The first months are a ghost
I never wanted just a friend
But what I got was broken toes

I saw it all, I found you out
Track Name: Lakes
I drove back home
The whole time I had the same thought that I need
I hold on to what keeps me going, and you really speak to me
And I'm fine with these old buildings and no heat
Cause I know that in time I'll be back on your street

Time is, time is far
Time is, time is far
Let your bones take you so far
But they can't replace your heart

I drove back home today
The whole time I had the same thought that I need

Will you stay? And go to the place we always went when I was new
And I was cold but I never let that get to me
So don't let it get to you
Track Name: Allnighter
(Keep it at the bottom where it belongs
Support the weight of a thousand more
Growing pains make me stay where I am
Growing pains make me stay where I am)

Take the words that come out of your mouth
And take them to mean that you're aware
But you're just as reserved as I think I am
When you don't move I can't show you what's near

I'll the air away
So nothing's between what we wanna say

Operator could you just call them back up and tell them all
That I'll take the job
What I go through won't be waiting at the end
Clean my hands of all that I resent

Operator could you just call them back up and tell them all
That I quit the job
What I go through won't be waiting at the end
But I can't wait until then

I'll take the job for you
The last thing that I do for you
I'll take the job to end this stalemate
The one where no one really gets away
Track Name: Retirement
I was alone and I saw the end
But I didn't try to do a thing
When there's a light out in the sky
You just watch, hope you don't die

The bridge was stacked
With paper bags
And I hope that I go straight up with the smoke

I was alone and I saw the flame
That spoke the truth right to my veins

I believe that they won't change a thing
But I gotta let them try
Hold your own on the brink of death I said
And I know you'll try

When will we all go?
When will we go home?

God help this man who lives away from everything
God takes his time for everyone and everything
It all ends tonight for everyone and everything
Start taking sides for everyone and everything
It all ends tonight for everyone and everything